Why is Colon Cleansing So Important?

by Lee Pham


Colon is one organ which affects us either in a direct manner or in an indirect way. More and more people are now suffering from health problems including abdominal pain, constipation and lack of energy. All these health problems are not accidental. They are all caused by wrong eating and drinking habits. We all go against what the nature intends us to do and harm ourselves in turn.

When the colon gets clogged up, the liver cannot perform its job in a proper manner. When the liver cannot work in an efficient manner then the kidney system fails to function properly. So in order to cure all these symptoms and to get better in the process we must start cleansing our colon immediately. So colon cleansing becomes extremely important for the maintenance of proper health. All sorts of ailments like headaches, bad breath, skin blemishes, fatigue, and arthritis are all linked to a congested colon. The colon and all its related factors are the biggest factors of rapid ageing. Colon cleansing is also important to maintain clear skin, increased energy levels, improved level of constipation, overall healthful feeling and absorption of vitamins and minerals from food in a better way.

Most of us do not really understand its importance. According to a recent research it is seen that 90% of disease in America is directly or indirectly attributable to an unhealthy colon. The colon is regarded as the solid waste management for the entire body and is also considered the easiest breeding ground for putrefactive bacteria. It has been concluded in a nationwide survey that one out of every 6 people has parasites within their body. Any healing program related to any disease is not possible without the process of colon cleansing.

The process of colon cleansing also reduces the load of toxic on every other part of the human system. When the health of the colon is compromised the waste of the body backs up and becomes toxic which in turn releases the toxins into the bloodstream. The real process of healing takes place at the deepest cellular levels. It is known by all the blood feeds the cells of one’s body. The nutrients that make their way to the blood vessels are all through the way of the colon. So it can well be concluded that a clogged and dirty colon signifies the presence of toxins in one’s blood. Poor digestion is the most common sign of toxic bowel and if one is having an intake of lot of fatty foods then they are robbing their body of the essential electrolytes at the same time. That is why the media attention is focussed on high fibre foods in the recent times. Not only that, the protective level of the fiber in one’s diet is also measured. The importance of colon cleansing can be summed up as: reduction of constipation, elimination of diarrhoea, avoiding of colon cancer and the experience of significant weight loss. So one can very well estimate the importance of colon cleansing from the above mentioned points.

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