Zhu Zhu Soccer! Zhu Zhu Pets Toys Play Funny Soccer Game

by Lee Pham

It’s Zhu Zhu soccer! Zhu Zhu pets toys play a funny soccer game. Or at least we try. Disaster always strikes when Zhu Zhu hamsters take the stage. What happens when these lovable ZhuZhus try their hands at soccer? Wait! Zhu Zhu Pets don’t have hands. We’re not off to a good start. Poor imaginary Dave as he tries to teach these crazy Zhu Zhus from the Zhu Zhu Ranch. Thanks to our friends and subscribers who helped teach us the proper names for these toys: Nutters Num Nums Pookie and Rocco! They seem happier with their new names. Er, old names.

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The music and sound effects in this video is courtesy of the following artists who have kindly contributed their awesome talents to the Creative Commons. If we have misattributed or inadvertently infringed, please let us know so we can correct any mistakes. Special thanks to Freesound.org and Sound Bible! Your sounds are genius!

Wind Fall by Fat Rat
Christian Friedrich Johannes Büttner

NoWay by PeriTune
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

Music provided by Music for Creators

Quick_Smash_001.wav by JoelAudio

This work is licensed under the Attribution License.

FX » Bricks Falling.wav recorded by Benboncan

Attribution Licence

Dumpster_Diving.wav by 1sticky8

Vinyl Scratches & Crashes » Vinyl Backspin and Beat Scratch.wav by ZeSoundResearchInc.

The Subscriber button in this video’s end credits is the (modified) work of Logan Kinesis of Give Me Free Art:

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source: Youtube

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