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Hamster Funny Video do the craziest things! Funny Videos of hamsters, need we say more? See more ideas about Animals, Funny animals and Adorable animals.

Funny Hamster

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名前を呼んだらダッシュでピョンピョン駆けつけるハムスター Hamster is coming running toward me when I call her name.

[youtube] 【チャンネル登録ありがとうございます】グッドボタン押して貰えたら幸せです!!(^▽^)/普段何気なく見せてくれる可愛い動作を撮れたらと常々思ってますが、撮影が下手すぎて上手く撮れません!ピンボケだらけ(T_T)…

Hamster Controls My Life!

[youtube] Hey Guys! My Name Is Hope and i Have been doing youtube for 3 years and in todays video i am letting my hamster control my…