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Pet hamsters require a safe environment with room to move, eat, sleep and exercise. Cage materials should be sturdy enough to withstand chewing and secure enough to prevent escape. Avoid wood or soft plastic as these will encourage a hamster to gnaw. Hamster habitat location should be safely away from other pets, out of direct sunlight and away from high activity areas to keep the hamster from getting stressed. A regular feeding and cleaning schedule is recommended. Place cages away from windows and doors to protect the hamster from quick temperature fluctuations.You can read more: Hamster Cage & Habitat Facts

Hamster Cage Setup Guide
If you decided to get a hamster, you must think about getting a perfect cage for your little friend. It’s recommended to read this useful guide before buying a cage for your hamster because setting up a cage correctly will make your pet’s life happy. Also keep in mind, that some hamster species can’t live together, think about it...
Cage & Habitat of Hamsters
Cage & Habitat of Hamsters Your pet hamster calls for a secure cage that gives space to run about, exercising, eat, and sleep. You can give this as merely or as lavishly as you want as lengthy as the fundamental specifications are met.When delivering a cage you should bear in mind he is a chewer and an fantastic escape artist....
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