Getting to know your hamster

Hamster Care: How to take care of hamsters

5. Getting to know your hamster

If you have bought a hamster from a pet store then you are probably going to have to spend some time getting to know your new friend so that they become tame and trusting. After the first 24 hours has elapsed you can start the process.

It’s important to note that you may need a lot of patience, turning the new arrival into a ball of fur that sits happily on your hand does not usually happen overnight. Hamsters all have their own individual personality, and they all take different amounts of time to become tame enough to handle; the process may take weeks or even months.

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  2. Buying your hamster
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  4. Feeding your hamster
  5. Getting to know your hamster
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The best way to start approaching your new pet is as a bringer of treats. Think about it, it’s natural to trust someone that treats you well, and brings good things to eat. Put a treat on the palm of your hand and put your hand in the cage, for the hamster to approach. You should do this in the evening when the hamster is most active. Never disturb your furry friend when they are asleep and never put your hand in their personal area; the space in the cage where they can hide away, or the house you have bought them. If you try and force your hamster, encroach on their territory or disturb their slumber then you are never going to earn their trust.

After a few days you can start to pet your hamster when you give the treat; this will help to develop a friendly bond. After a further few days you can try scooping your hamster up with both hands underneath them; don’t try picking them up with your hand. If they look uncomfortable, or they try to bite then place them gently back down and give them a treat. You should always do this close to the floor, or another safe surface, so that if you do drop your hamster they will not get hurt.

After you’ve done this a few times your new friend should start to walk onto your hands automatically and you can start to have some real bonding time with your pet.

Remember that you should never disturb a hamster while they are sleeping and that you should never make loud noises around your new housemate. Hamsters can be very nervous of sudden and loud sounds so they won’t be very happy with you if you are being noisy around them.