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Hamster In a Cup!

[youtube] A little hamster in a little red solo cup! Check out one of MonkeyBoo’s hamsters Ham! One of Ham’s first of many cute and fun…

Monkey Meets Hamsters (Face to Face)

[youtube] Subscribe to MonkeyBoo's Hamsters Here:MonkeyBoo's reaction to meeting his new hamster friends, Ham & Houdi, is…

Funny Hamster Boo #1

[youtube] Stashing my favourite bedding. source: Youtube

Funny Hamster Boo #3

[youtube] Today We Bought Boo A New Toy And This Is What Happened... source: Youtube

Funny Hamster Boo #2

[youtube] My Pet Hamster Boo Tries To Get His Doughnut Treat Up His Tube To The Second Level. source: Youtube