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暑さで倒れた…?おもしろ可愛いハムスターHot and dying cute funny hamster

[youtube] 30度を超えて暑くて死んだように無防備に眠るキンクマハムスターのチーズくん。ぴくりとも動かないのでハラハラしました。 よければチャンネル登録よろしくお願いしますm(*_ _)mコメントお待ちしております\( ´ω` )/…

Last moment of my hamster

[youtube] threw some pictures and video clips of my Chinese dwarf hamster Pokey, in which the video clips are taken half an hour before…

Dying hamster

[youtube] ... source: Youtube

Dying breath of a golden hamster I

[youtube] This recording was made about 10 minutes before the hamster died. At the time that I took the video, I had no idea that he…