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倉鼠 Hamster – 反著睡覺的樣子 Sleeping Moment!

[youtube] **** 領養代替購買 **** *** 新手請單獨飼養一隻 *** ** 請勿隨便合養 同籠! 細節注意: **▷ 倉鼠基本飼養知識 (新手必看) ◁這是我的倉鼠 牠叫丁丁 :D 喜歡看更多關於牠的影片 可以到我的倉鼠頻道觀看喔!…

Haschak Sisters – Boys Are So Ugh

[youtube] 'Boys Are So Ugh' Available Everywhere Now! iTunes: Google Play: Spotify:Hi Guys! Hope you enjoy watching the official…

Funny Hamster Moment

[youtube] Just sharing a video.Click on Subscribe :) source: Youtube

Last moment of my hamster

[youtube] threw some pictures and video clips of my Chinese dwarf hamster Pokey, in which the video clips are taken half an hour before…