7 Common Acne Symptoms And How To Handle It

by Lee Pham
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Most people know acne as something red, bumpy, and ugly on their face. But, did you know that there are various types of acne? Your acne might be different from your friend's acne. Why? That's because there are various kinds of triggers that will cause acne to appear on your skin. And there are also various kinds of skin condition. So, each combination will result on different types of acne. Here are 7 common acne symptoms and how to handle it:

1. Big pimples

This type of acne usually appears in the random area of ​​your face. Sometimes, it appears on your cheek. Sometimes, it appears on your chin or forehead. It can also appear on your nose. Generally, the appearance of big pimples will be scary and surprising for most people. It is big, red, painful, and ugly to look at.

How to handle it : This acne can usually be handled by letting the natural process of healing in your skin to take place. Do not touch your acne with your hand. Let it to become bigger and it will actually produce whitehead or puss and when it happens, you will know for sure that it will become smaller naturally. Please note that you need to change your diet into a healthy diet in order to boost the healing process.

2. Small zits

Small zits are common for many teenagers. The appearance is small and not so disturbing. This type of acne is one of the most harmless types of acne you can have. Usually, you will have it during your teenage years. But, be aware that if you have a sensitive skin and are in constant feeling of stress, small zits can become the dreaded acne breakouts.

How to handle it : Just apply natural homemade remedies such as aloe vera juice to your acne symptom regularly and let it heal itself. Also, you can use honey as your natural homemade remedy to boost the healing process.

3. Breakouts

It is the sudden appearance of acne, and it is the most dreaded acne type of all. Why? That's because you can not predict it, and it will just appear all over your face. In your chin, in your cheek, in your forehead. Your face will be covered with acne. If you can not control this, you will ever get what is called severe and persistent acne. So, be aware.

How to handle it : The way to handle acne breakouts is to stay away from any kind of junk foods immediately. Then, you need to do a fast for a day in order to clean your digestive system. Drink water often after that. Once you feel better with your skin, you can start eating fruits and vegetables to help you recover from your condition.

4. Irritation and inflammation

You will not see any pimples at this stage yet. But, you will see that your skin is becoming red and irritated, especially under the sunlight. You will feel itchy sensation around your skin, and if you keep experiencing this, you may probably get a kind of acne breakouts later.

How to handle it : At this stage, what you can do is really simple. Just sleep a lot more. You definitely need more rest because in this way, your body can re-adjust your skin condition and neutralize the oddities.

5. Dark bumps

This type of acne is dark in color, and you will see it a lot in various areas on your face. The main cause for this type of acne is stress. Do you feel stressful, I mean, really stressful with your life? Chances are you will get this type of acne instead of the red one. It will not feel painful, but dark bumps can make your face look really ugly.

How to handle it : Relax your body more because you need this relaxation most. Your skin needs more relaxation, more happiness on your mind. Try not to be stressful and be happy with your life. Try to smile and laugh often, and this type of acne will usually go away by itself.

6. Whiteheads and blackheads

It may not caused any infection on your skin, but you will feel that there are some "little stones" that are stuck between your pores. That's what is called whiteheads and blackheads. If you feel any painful sensation when you touch it, then chances are you're going to have a big pimple on that area. So, be aware.

How to handle it : You can carefully pop out your whiteheads and blackheads with your hands. But, be careful not to cause further reaction on your skin, as it can potentially cause big pimples to emerge. The best time to do it is after you've done taking a bath when your skin is still soft and smooth. And do not forget to clean your hands before you do that.

7. Severe and persistent acne

This last type of acne symptom is the most dangerous one. It is the combination of all the symptoms above, plus the long-term suffering that you are going to experience. Once you've eliminated this acne, it will leave bad scars and bumps on your skin. But, of course, it is always curable, only that it will need more time to cure. If you do not take any necessary action to cure this type of acne, you will probably suffer from this dreadful skin condition your whole life.

How to handle it : The only known way to effectively cure this acne once and for all is to use the holistic acne treatment system. You can find the detail below.


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