Blackheads and Magnification

by Lee Pham
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One of the main reasons that people purchase a 10x magnification mirror is to assist in the removal of blackheads. Most people are under the impression that a magnified mirror would be useful mainly for the removal of pimples. It's true that of course the better and clearer you can see the more accurately you'll be. However most pimples are easily visible to the naked eye and so do not often require any sort of enhanced vision. On the other hand blackhead removal certainly could have done with an enhanced perception of the area.

One of the primary uses a magnified mirror offers is that it allows you firstly to spot blemishes such as blackheads on your skin. It's very easy to miss them if you're just looking at yourself in a normal mirror because to the naked eye they're hard to see. On the hand if you're looking at a magnified image of your face it provides a clear advantage allowing you to see even the smallest blackheads.

Once you've used the mirror to identify the blackheads it's now time for their removal, you get buy a blackhead remover from most beauty shops for just a dollar or two. They're especially very thin hollow tubes which you press down over your blackhead to push it out.

An alternative method would be to boil a hot kettle of water and add it to a large bowl, with your face bent over and a towel over both your head and the bowl to trap the steam in. The hot steam will open your pores and you can then push them out using your fingers or even the blackhead remover above with ease.


Source by Jonathan Octavius ​​Bell

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