Get a Description of Hemorrhoid Symptoms

by Lee Pham


Well to begin, I guess it would only make sense to describe what a hemorrhoid is and provide a description of hemorrhoid symptoms. Hemorrhoids are not as serious as it may sound, considering it is treated as soon as possible. If they are left or ignored for too long then things escalate and the seemingly harmless illness progresses into a far worse thing. Hemorrhoids tend to initially begin when an individual lacks the required amount of fiber intake. As we know, fiber helps facilitate stool, leading to fewer incidences of constipation. Constipation is what worsens the hemorrhoid because it significantly exposes the anus, causing the blood vessels around the anus to tear.

In order to know the description of hemorrhoid symptoms, you would also need to have a brief background concerning the two types of hemorrhoids; internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are when the blood vessels protruding are located in the inner lining of the rectum, whereas external hemorrhoids are visible and can also be felt.

1) Description of hemorrhoid symptoms (Internal)

-Rectal bleeding is a common occurrence (due to the torn blood vessels)

-Bright red blood in the toilet bowl after bowel movement

-Itching of the hemorrhoid area

2) Description of hemorrhoid symptoms (External)

-Thrombosed (when the blood gathers under the skin, forming a hard, painful lump

-Streaks of blood on the toilet paper after bowel movement (usually darker than internal hemorrhoid)

-Rectal pain is a common occurrence

Those are the basic descriptions of hemorrhoid symptoms, so if you begin to experience any one of these, it is advisable that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.


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