Getting Healthier With Small Changes

by Lee Pham
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After a whole day of work, you may feel your body sore and stiff, or maybe this feeling has been lasting for a day. According to surveys, that 90 percent of the pain has been caused by bad post such as how you walk, sit and stand. When body is bent, the abdominal organs are pressed, so you can not expect them to work normally. From now on, you can change bad postures and you will find that you are getting rid of pain.

You can get healthier when standing. Good standing post will not only make you appear better, it can also prevent some diseases. Through these acts, you can get healthier. People always think that high heels are bad for health, but they are to some good good. They can change your posture. They stop you from crooking your back. When you wear high heels, the center of gravity of your body is being moved to the heels, so you stand straighter. They can also make you contract your abdominal muscles. You should have shoes with different heights, so that different muscles are being used when you walk. Move the center of gravity of your body between two feet in order to stop weight from changing your body shape. You can also put your hands into your pockets on the back of your pockets. Put hands into the pockets on the front will make you look lazy, so change this impression immediately.

When you walk with bags on, you can actually become healthy once you know the tips. Use a satchel instead of a handbag. The long belt of satchel will help you exercise the muscle on belly and back. Beside, the weight is spread on different parts of your body. You should hold the bag close; so that the pressure it causes on the back will be lessened. You should also take a light bag with you by throwing away all the useless stuff.

I wish you can pay attention to the details, so that you will later form right postures. These acts may seem simple, but I tell you that they are not easy put into practice. Come on!


Source by Tai She Ke

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