Healing With Prana – The Essential Energy Healing Modality

by Lee Pham


Research, experimentation and positive results from energy healing have been recorded for thousands of years throughout history. The super subtle energetic life force used has been identified by various metaphysical names such as Prana (Hindu), Chi (Chinese) or Ruach (Hebrew), just to name a few. For simplicity sake we will refer to this life force as Prana throughout the rest of this article. When we speak of using Prana for Energy Healing or as a substance, we are not referring to it as energy or substance likened to mechanical, electrical or gravitationally produced. For lack of better words we are only using the words energy or substance to describe a natural force and non-material stuff. Although noble attempts have been made by forward thinking scientists, no one has yet to invent instruments that can precisely measure or contain Pranic energy. We cannot see it, yet we can perceive its results through healing and by observing the life force in all beings. Similarly we cannot see electricity, but we can perceive its results by the production of heat and light.

Where do we find prana? It is everywhere and contained within the air we breathe, the water we use, the food we eat, and within the electromagnetic energy of the earth and other sources. Some may refer to Prana as the energy of God or as the Holy Spirit. Whatever we label it, it is the same exact universal substance that is holding the worlds together and it is the cause of life manifesting within each and every being in existence. It is the commonality of all things, like a thread holding pearls together on a beautiful necklace. Because it is the impersonal energy of God, then Prana, super subtle as it is, is the most powerful non dual substance there is. Prana has been discovered as the healing factor, whether within a pill or garnered and applied directly from universal forces. Jesus used Prana to heal the sick and raising the dead. Many are aware that Jesus, during his late teens and throughout his twenties, travelled to far away lands. There are many stories of the Messiah spending time in Egypt, the Mid East, Tibet and India learning esoteric arts. One can only assume that he imbibed many things including the development of healing powers. These very effective healing influences have been recently, in the past thirty years, rediscovered by Master Choa Kak Sui. Master Choa developed a healing science that anyone can learn, given an open mind and a sincere interest in helping others.

Pranic healing has been proven to help people heal from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. Due to the fact that it is not only an art but also a science, the recipient need not have faith in the process, but only a willingness to participate and a receptive attitude. A knowledgeable Pranic healer is trained how to gather the Prana and apply it to a myriad of medical anomalies in a systematic fashion using techniques and protocols for specific health issues. The healer also realizes that Prana is contained within pharmacueticals drugs, herbs, vitamins, specific diet, and other conventional therapies so as not to interfere with regular medical doctor care. The healer sees themselves as an additional source of healing for one suffering from medical problems. It the aspiration of all Pranic healers to create a safe, peaceful, loving and spiritual atmosphere for the afflicted and strives to only be of some humble service to God and humanity. The Pranic healer lives a good, clean, humble and simple lifestyle. The Pranic healer is not a renunciate, per se, but lives within the ideals of a completely spiritual person.

There have been many books written on the subject of Pranic healing by many teachers and practitioners in the world today. There is a vast encyclopedia of information on many types of healing modalities, conventional, traditional and esoteric. Pranic healing definitely falls in the esoteric category. The question may arise on how one can practically use the most super subtle stuff for the benefit of mankind. Since this paper is not a project on thesis on the subject I will give a brief outline on the techniques used to garner this incredible healing energy. Just like in any professional discipline, Pranic healing is learned by studying under experienced teachers. One should first familiarize oneself with physical and energetic anatomy. Having a background in practically any medical art will do but an understanding of the meridians and/or nadis is particularly helpful to see how the Prana circulates in the body and throughout the organ systems. If one is a practicing spiritualist, yogi or religionist, then they have probably developed their intuitive powers to a great degree, which is important, since the scanning of auras is a skill that one needs to become adept at. One will also need to learn about the Chakra systems which are the energetic power plants in the body that distribute Prana to different parts and organs of the physical and energetic bodies. These Chakras may be depleted or diseased energy may have accumulated causing congestion in the infected bodily part which corresponds to a particular Chakra. In a nutshell – the healer cleans the congestion or energizes the depletion. It sounds pretty simple but not really that easy. There is much training and practice for the aspiring Pranic healer in order to do the healing correctly and effectively. This takes dedication, study and practice.

How does Pranic healing work? As I mentioned previously, the holy Energy Healing of God, known as Prana, is gathered by the healer for use as energy medicine. The healer attends classes and retreats along with the daily practice of specific meditations and exercises that enhance one’s ability to gather and effectively project healing energy. The life of a dedicated practitioner is one of prayer, blessings and attunement to a Higher Power which is related to specific spiritual masters, avatars and finally to God, in a line of healing teachers. Since Pranic healing is non-denominational and not a religion or a cultish sect, practitioners can individually perceive within their own mind’s eye a form or non-form they personally perceive as God. No one has a quarrel with anyone’s faith because a Pranic healer realizes that Source of Prana is coming from One Source which is known in unlimited forms and non-form, but is still the same One God.


Source by Deva Roberts

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