The Truth About ADHD Prescription Drugs and the Health of Your Child

by Lee Pham
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Its unbelievable how many ADHD prescription drugs are available? There are many other medications besides Adderal and Ritalin, these are the most common, but there are three categories of ADHD prescription drugs. The main type of prescription medications for ADHD are long acting stimulants, next are the shorter or intermediate acting type stimulants and then there are non-stimulants.

Each type of ADHD prescription has its own side side effects. The long acting type such as Vyvanse, Adderal XR, Concerta, Daytrana, Focalin XR, Metadate CD, and Ritalin LA last all day, usually 8 to 12 hours which means they are taken only once a day. Daytrana comes in patch form that your child wears for just a few hours per day and the others come in capsule form which can be sprinkled onto food if your child can not swallow a pill.

Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderal, Dextrostat and Methylin ER are in the short to intermediate acting range. These have fallen out of favor since the longer term types of ADHD prescription drugs are more convenient. Most of these are available in generic form and much less expensive than the longer term type prescription medications for ADHD.

Strattera is classified as a non-stimulant and usually only prescribed because the stimulants do not work for some children or they have side effects to the other types of prescription stimulants.

There are so many side effects with all ADHD prescription drugs that many parents are turning to healthier alternatives for their child. Parents notice that with prescription medications for ADHD their children in general have insomnia, headaches, eating disorders, nausea and parents are tired of seeing them withdrawn socially. Sadly these are not all of the side effects of prescription medications for ADHD.

Treating the symptoms of ADHD in your child without all of these chemicals is within your ambition if you are looking for a natural, alternative remedy.

Recent research on the effects of ADHD prescription drugs has found that there is more of a risk in adulthood for depression and also a greater probability of substance and prescription abuse. No wonder many parents are looking for an alternative for treating the symptoms of ADHD which have no damaging side effects, no long term consequences and are quite successful.

Your child can have a productive, rewarding start in life if you want to improve the symptoms of ADHD with alternative ADHD remedies. It's motivation enough as a parent to search for alternative treatments for your child. ADHD can be treated safely and successfully with natural treatments such as homeopathy.


Source by Rebecca Theresa Shelly

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