Things That Can Hurt or Harm Your Pet

by Lee Pham
 Best Foods and Treats for Your Hamster


I do not know about you, but my pets, a dog and two cats, are precious to me. Yes, they are pampered. Luke, a cockapoo, is near five, walks three times a day, and begrudgingly lets me brush his teeth. My cats, Coulisse and Cougie, both around 13 years old, are a little less cooperative, but, hey, they're cats!

Staying informed about foods, plants, and other hazards will, hopefully, mean that you and your pet have years of quality time together. It will also save you a bundle on vet bills!

So let's start with food. According to the ASPCA, these items can kill or drastically sicken your pets: avocados, grapes, raisins, Macadamia nuts, onions and onion powder, garlic, coffee (all forms), chocolate, alcoholic beverages, moldy / spoiled foods, salt, fatty foods, Zylitol (the sweetener in gum, candies and other foods) and raw yeast dough.

Dangerous plants include aloe, azalea, calla lily, daffodil, Easter lily, elephant ears, English Ivy, eucalyptus, ferns, foxglove, heavenly bamboo, hyacinth, honeysuckle, hydrangea, and iris.

Outside the home, beware of the fact that algae, found in water, can be toxic, so can antifreeze / coolant, some de-icing salts (be sure to read the label), compost (if moldy), pesticides, gasoline, and oil.

Use common sense and be careful if your animal is around a fire pit or grill, make sure your pet does not get stuck in a fence, gate, or deck lattice and never leave your animal unattended near a pool or hot tub.

If you should have a pet emergency call the ASPCA at 1-888-426-4435.


Source by Lynda J Moore

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