Top Harmful Cleaning Products

by Lee Pham
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The idea that the chemicals in cleaning products can be hazardous to both you and your family can be worrisome to say the least. The best plan of attack when trying to avoid potentially hazardous products is to become familiar with the names of the most common chemicals used and the effects they may have on you and your loved ones. Five chemicals in cleaning products to watch for are:

1.Diethylene glycol: Found in many popular brands of window and glass cleaners, diethylene glycol can have hazardous effects on your nervous system. To eliminate potential dangers always make sure to clean in a well ventilated area and wear cleaning gloves to avoid direct contact with the cleaning agents. There are also go green cleaning alternatives to do the job.

2.Phenols: When compared to other chemicals in cleaning products, phenols can be the most difficult to avoid. Since these essential ingredients are used in almost all antibacterial and disinfectant cleaners such as toilet bowl cleaners many people will use them in abundance without realizing the potential health risks. Phenols are considered by many to be toxic to both the respiratory and circulatory systems. Fortunately there are environmentally oriented companies that have products available to disinfect.

3.Formaldehyde: Possibly the most worrisome of all the chemicals used in cleaning products, formaldehyde is believed by some to cause respiratory irritation and in recent European studies was discovered to be a powerful, but preventable carcinogen. To prevent harmful exposure to formaldehyde refrain from using both spray and wick-styled deodorizers.

4.Butyl cellosolve: Although butyl cellosolve is not common in the US or Canada it can  be found on the labels of discount store cleaners and some inexpensive brand name products, the most common being window cleaners, bathroom and tile sprays and all-purpose bath and kitchen disinfectants. Butyl cellosolve is believed by many to damage the nervous system, bone marrow and both the liver and kidneys.

5.Petroleum solvents: Most commonly found in floor cleaners and polishing products, petroleum solvents have been found to harm the mucous membranes located in the eyes, ears, mouth and nose. The naturopath, Hulda Clarke, believe that the petroleum products are serious health concerns and are hidden in many foods we ingest due to being used to clean machinery that produces the products.


Source by Dee Cohen

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