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Top 50 Funny Songs You must listen to - Hamster Care Sheet & Guide - How to Care For Your Hamster

Top 50 Funny Songs You must listen to

I made this video so that people could find some funny songs.
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50. Please don’t pee in the pool:
49. London Underground – Adam Kay & Suman Biswas:
48. Can’t touch this – MC Hammer:
47. I like to eat apples and bananas:
46. When I’m cleaning Windows – George Formby:
45. F*ck you Texas:
44. Scarra’s Allstar Mariachi Band:
43. My Nigga – YG:
42. What is love? – Haddaway:
41. Surfin Bird – Trashmen:
40. Never Gonna Give you Up – Rick Astley:
39. McDonalds: The Rap:
38. America – Team America:
37. Chacarron Macarron – El Mudo:
36. Head of the state:
35. Mr. Beanbastic:
34. Big Mac Rap:
33. Stelio Kontos – American Dad:
32. Ebay Song – Weird AI Yankovic:
31. Crazy Frog – Axel F:
30. Faster Better Stronger Gaben:
29. Witch Doctor:
28. Why is the rum gone?:
27. Flying Squirrels:
26. It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time:
25. Hamster Dance:
24. Baby Baboon:
23. Honey Bear:
22. Nom Nom Nom:
21. Pork:
20. Donkey Kong:
19. Chicken Dance:
18. Awesome Face:
17. Badgers:
16. Banana Song (I’m a banana):
15. You are a pirate:
14. This is Sparta Remix:
13. Trololo Sing Along:
12. Hot Potato:
11. Stop a Gaben:
10. Nyan Cat:
9. Yeah Toast!:
7. Pound Cake:
6. Pedo Bear:
5. Nugget in a biscuit:
4. Duck Song:
3. Do you like waffles?:
2. Narwhals:
1. The Most Annoying Sound in the world REMIX:

source: Youtube

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