? Cardboard Gingerbread House | HAMSTER DIY ?

Learn how to make your own hamster gingerbread house out of cardboard with this tutorial! It has a functioning door, stairs and a chimney to travel to both floors, as well as the basement

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What glue should I use?
Any glue that is non-toxic and water soluble e.g. PVA, Elmer’s and school glue. Non-toxic means that it will not poison the hamster. Water soluble means that if the hamster were to accidentally swallow a little, it would just dissolve. Since hot glue is not water soluble, it would not dissolve, and could cause blockages, which is why I don’t recommend it.

What paint should I use?
Soy Paint and Plastikote project enamel (the brush on kind) are both non-toxic. Any paint that is labelled as safe for babies should be ok. Use it in thin coats and sand away any blobs because it’s still not good for them to swallow in large quantities. If your hamster is a big chewer, it might be best to avoid paints.
You could also stain the wood with a natural food dye, or make your own from vegetables.

What if my hamster pees in it?
If you’re worried about this, you can apply some brush-on plastikote (a non-toxic enamel safe for hamsters, but not the spray on kind) to the floors so that they can just be disinfected and wiped clean.
Since Vanilla is potty trained, I didn’t need to. Find out how to potty train your hamster here: ?

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