? Birthday Cake | HAMSTER KITCHEN ?

Learn how to make an adorable cake for your hamster’s Birthday with this hamster-safe Birthday cake recipe.

Watch Vanilla eat his cake:

Enjoy more tiny hamster food in the Hamster Kitchen mini cooking series :

Suitable for:
✔Syrian hamsters
✔Dwarf hamsters (prone to diabetes so not too much)
✖Guinea pigs (can’t eat flour or yogurt)
✖Rabbits (can’t eat yogurt)
If you have any other type of pet, just Google whether each ingredient is safe. e.g. “is flour safe for rats”, “is peanut butter safe for rats” etc

⚠ Small parts can be a hazard, it is not recommended that you use miniature tableware to feed your hamster, Vanilla is a professional. Never leave unattended.
⚠ These are special, one-off treats to complement a healthy, balanced diet. Feeding in excess can put your pet’s health at risk.The treats in the video are large for entertainment purposes. Vanilla will only eat a small portion and put the rest in his cheeks to stash in his nest where I will remove it. Portions should be extra small for pets who don’t stash.
⚠ I do my best to make sure the ingredients are hamster-safe, but please be a responsible owner, do your research, and check that each individual ingredient is safe for your pet before feeding.

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