10 Weird Jobs That Pay Well


Top 10 weird jobs that pay well
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Description: From the worst and weirdest jobs such as toy testers to fun jobs you wish you had that pay well like face feelers and professional snugglers, we countdown the top 10 weird jobs that pay well. toy testers involves testing out toys for companies before they are released for general sale. The job has its downsides, as if the product isn’t suitable for the public, you have to be the one that discovers this. You also work normal hours, meaning you’re testing the toys from 9-5 every day of the week! You can earn anywhere between 30-50 thousand dollars per year for the unusual job. You can earn up to 52 thousand dollars by being a professional paper towel sniffer. The job involves simply sniffing paper towel products for companies to make sure they’re odourless. Pet food testers try out new kinds of pet food to make sure the flavour, arms and colour is pleasant for the animal. Despite the nasty tastes workers have to endure, the job has an incredibly high satisfaction rate. You can earn up to 40 thousand dollars a year from the job, which is pretty high for just eating gross food. Bed companies actually pay people thousands of dollars to simply sleep in their beds. The testers measure the comfort of pillows, blankets and mattresses. Hotels also hire the testers to test the comfort of their beds compared to their competitors. The job pays from 25 to 40 thousand dollars per year just to sleep. Golf ball retrievers or golf ball divers collect golfballs that have been hit into hard to reach areas such as trees bushes and ponds. The job can earn you from 30 thousand to 100 thousand dollars per year. Typically divers are paid around 10 cents per ball and bring in 2000 to 5000 balls per day. Obscure stunt testers jobs are to taste obscure and unappetising foods to make sure they are ok to consume. The testers taste things like cockroaches, spiders and other insects and animals that you wouldn’t even think of eating. The testers are paid about 800 dollars per day which amounts to nearly 300 thousand dollars per year. This incredibly fun job involves you testing out new watersides for hotel chains and travel companies around the world. Not only do you get to go to a lot of countries, all expense paid, you also get to test out some of the world’s best watersides! Another great thing about the job is that the slides have already been safety checked, so there’s no risk, you’re simply testing the excitement and fun factor of the slides. The job can earn you around 40 thousand dollars per year, but don’t get too exited, as placements are rare. This gross job involves you climbing into small tunnels, wading through disgusting waters and encountering rats and other creatures. Inspectors have to clean the tunnels, fix blockages and repair broken pipes. Because of the unappealing nature of the job, inspectors can earn between 40 thousand to 75 thousand dollars per year. A face feeler is paid by a company to feel the faces of other people right after they have used a specific skin product. Soap, lotion and razor companies employ the face feelers to feel the effect their products have on people’s skin. Although the job sounds simple, it requires a good knowledge of sensory science and it actually quite a challenging occupation. Salaries range from 30 thousand to 40 thousand dollars per year. models are used for photography and paining, as well as collages who hire models for their painting classes. Although most models are freelance, they can still make around 100 to 200 dollars per hour. As the title of this job suggests, you have to cuddle, snuggle and hug to comfort another person. If you’re ever feeling lonely you can call a professional smuggler round to your home or hotel room for a late night snuggle. Snugglers can earn up to 60 dollars an hour, just for hugging a stranger.

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