25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines

by Lee Pham

Get ready to LMAO with these 25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines! Back in the day, when newspapers were a way to get news rather than a liner at the bottom of your hamster cage, these crazy newspaper headlines were a shock to the system. While with web based news a change or clarification can happen with the click of a mouse, these unbelievable headline mistakes will be printed in black and white for the rest of time. Get ready to laugh with these 25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines!

We totally respect journalists, but these journalism fails are just the kind of thing we love to laugh at. From funny title mistakes to articles that are the definition of proofreading fails, these weird headlines are worth your time and are downright hilarious! All the best newspaper fails and newspaper bloopers are here in this video for your viewing pleasure, so sit back and let Mike from List25 make you chuckle. Check out this video and leave us a comment telling us your funniest headline fail, you might just make it into the next list!

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From losing a camouflaged car to publishing images that just don’t make sense, this collection of the most WTF newspaper headlines will make you glad that newspapers are slowly fading from existence. Some of the events covered in these headlines should have never happened, like what lawyer would even take the case of a lawyer killing felon? Or what murder victim WOULD talk to police? Other headlines are just too adorably funny, like a brother who saved his sister’s life only to be quoted saying he won’t do it again. Newspapers that do not understand statistics, clueless citizens who do not understand sewers, and jails that just should NOT be holding prisoners all make this funny list along with dead people in the morgue, protests that do not make any sense, and more town meetings with really terrible timing. Make sure to watch this video all the way to the end to see which crazy WTF headline make our top 10!

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