A cute old hamster (funny montage)


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Watch these extremely cute clips of Ariel.
Ariel is my winter white dwarf hamster.
Name: Ariel (like the Disney mermaid)
Gender: Female
Species: Winter White dwarf hamster (Russian dwarf)
Date of Birth: 15 February 2015
Colour: Yellow Blue Fawn (red eyes)
Cage: IKEA Detolf as a hamster cage (80x40cm)

Ariel is blind. Due to her old age, she got cataracts.
Cataracts is a disease in the eye that causes blindness.
The lens of the eye becomes opaque and the hamster loses its vision.
There’s no treatment available for cataracts in hamsters.
But a total loss of vision is not a great handicap to a hamster,
because they rely on their sense of smell and not eyesight.
Although it might look kind off scary, she hasn’t been bothered by it at all.
She uses her hearing and smelling to navigate around in her cage.
It is a pity that she lost her beautiful red eyes,
but these white eyes suit her as well.
I assure you, she is not bothered by it at all 🙂

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