AMAZING HAMSTER MAZE! Setting up Hamster Cages and Tubes from CritterTrail Shopping at PetSmart

My 3 hamsters are loving their new home! Last week I went Shopping for Hamsters see it here They are getting along so well, even though there are 3 of them some of you were worried about fighting, they have not fought at all. Maybe it’s because they are a breed that gets along better than others? They are winter white dwarf hamsters. Also, The 20 gallon tank is perfect for them because they are dwarf size. I want them to be able to have plenty of exercise and fun so today I’m headed to PetSmart to get my hamsters some CritterTrail Cages and connecting tubes to make an amazing maze for them to play and run around in. I learned they should only be in the maze one at a time or they might get broody and territorial. They will be getting plenty of exercise in there!

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Last weeks video: I headed to Petco and PetSmart to get my baby hamster triplets and everything hamsters will need to have a comfy cozy fun home! Hamsters are the best pets for kids in my opinion.

I’m getting three winter white dwarf hamsters. I’m setting up a 20 gallon terrarium tank because so many hamster lovers recommend this as the best place for hamsters to call home!

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