Awesome Vines Funniest Dog Vines Compilation 2013


1. Stretching Chipmunk 2. Bribing the Dogs 3. Sprinting Duckling 4. What’s Tug-of-War? 5. The Frog’s Blueberry 6. The Nose Never Sleeps 7. The Cheating Collie 8. Hamster Nap 9. Delayed Dog.

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1. Celebrations Cut Short 2. Walrus Booty Slap 3. Sleep Clapping 4. Shoe Goalie 5. Heck, The Owner’s Not Home 6. Fish Slap 7. Flying Teeth 8. Hey Shorty 9. Helmet Catch Fail 10. The Shampoo.

Smart and clever animals that are intelligent and some rather talented! Some are funny, some cute! A good variety too. Bear, fox, hamster, monkey, cat, dog, birds, squirrel, etc. Great watch!.

Funny cats compilation. You gotta see this one! A c

source: Youtube

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