Bangla | Funny Video 2017 | Victory Day | এ কেমন বিজয়? | Funny Videos 2017 | By Etor BoyZ

Video Titel: Bangla | Funny Video 2017 | Victory Day | এ কেমন বিজয়? | Funny Videos 2017 | By Etor BoyZ (Victory Day Special)

[This Video has Only Made For Funny Perpose,So Please Don’t Take it seriously ]

Hello Viewers, we are back with another video.This video is about our nation.16 December of 1971 we won the country called Bangladesh.we have to fight against pakistani military armys for this freedom, After a big fight of 9 month, we got win.We got our own flag,we got our own soil.this victory never come so easily, more than 3millions people died in fight.In 26 march our father of nation ‘Bangabondhu Shek Mujibur Rahman’ Declared Of freedom. All people of Bangladesh give response tobgin, cz everyone want freedom.Then,start the fight with pakistani armys.Pakistani armys has many big and digital instruments of fight.but bengali was brave,they never be affaired.They fight against pakistani army almost without nothing.After fight of 9 month we got the victory and pakistani militarys have to sarrender in front of whole nation.That day was this 16 December. It is our victory day,whole nation was vary happy, cz they got freedom.After That,this is our Victory Day (বিজয় দিবস).Just for the freedom Fighters, we got this freedom,no sacrifice is great than There sacrifice, so have to respect them and love them.
But now a days,many if us don’t know about the freedom fight,even,which is language day,which is victory day etc.That’s Why we make this video.
We Love Bangabondhu & we love our all Martyrs.?

Hope You Guys Will Enjoy It.

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