Crazy hamster, no clue how to use running wheel – OCD

This is my little Roborowski hamster girl named Sněhulka (snowball).. i have her for a few months, she lives with my girl rats because my other Djungarian hamster boy Pažitka (chive) doesnt like her. While Pažitka got tamed jsut a few days after i bought him, Sněhulka is still scared and somehow hyperactive..

But what i mainly noticed just a few days later i bought her is that she keeps runing in circler over and over and over again and she can do that for more than half hour until she falls asleep.

I altready tried three kinds of running wheels, but whe uses them rarelly and rather runs under or around them :/

Actually im wondering if its still normal and if she does it because of being raied in too small cage before they put her in a pet center where i bought her (like trauma) or if she is just silly or she has some mental problem that maes her jsut run like this…

It is funny to watch her, but at the same time im not sure about her health

UPDATE: i googled out that my hamster has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) whch means they think they have to do some things (rituals) most of time. Some of hamsters run left and right over and over again, some are always standing up until they fall on back and keep repeating (you my know this case mainly) or running in a whieel, then get out, go to touch some place and get back into the running wheel, or case of overally digging in bedding.. or also storing stuff in one place and when you put it somewhere else, they will bring it back to their previous spot, sooo… yeah at least my hamster didnt have a brains stroke like my mom thought. So he can live kinda happy life, jsut having the desire to do his ritual aka running in circles 🙂

source: Youtube

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