Cute Cat riding his flying carpet – Funny Cat Video

by Lee Pham

Funny cat video of Ragdoll Casper enjoying a ride on a flying (sliding) carpet.

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Ragdoll Casper (2 years 2 months)- Ragdoll kitten Binx (4 months).


Discover more amazing cat videos of Casper & Binx on this channel.

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About Casper:
Seal mitted lynx Ragdoll kitten, born the 29th of June 2016. Ever since we got this beautiful Ragdoll in our family, I am inspired. Gathering all possible information, I created IamCasper to share all new Ragdoll lovers need to know about Ragdolls, to connect with other Ragdoll and cat loving people and to inspire the world with beautiful cat photography.

Binx, born on the 26th of March 2018, is the little brother of Casper who has joined our family on the 23th of June 2018.

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source: Youtube

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