DIY | Digging Box – A Playground for Hamster

Hello, hamster gangs! I finally made the DIY digging box for my hamster, Taco! I’m sorry for making to wait for so long since the last video. Like I said on the SAK-SOON Facebook page, I’ve been working on research and studied a lot more about arts/crafts to improve myself a lot more. Plus I have to spend extra hours at my work (gotta make that money to support my art supplies x3). There will be more updates on the Facebook page, and also on my personal Instagram.
Anyways, Taco truly enjoys spending a lot of time in his new digging box xD! The video is a lot longer than usual because there was a lot more progress than my other DIY projects. I haven’t decided what to make next. Hopefully, I’ll come up with a great idea x3.

Here are links to art supplies where I get :
Clay –
Paint –
Gesso –
Acrylic Varnish –
Epoxy –
Amazing Mold Putty –

Buy Hitohada Gel from me!:

Equipment I use to record videos:
a6500 body only:
a6500 with a bundle:
Rode VideoMicro –
Cheaper mic you can get –
Gorilla Tripod –
Gimbal –

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