Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 386


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Outro Music:

video 1:

audio 1: Ansia Orchestra – Fortress Town Theme Cover

video 2:
audio 2: ES_Back To Happy Town 5 – Magnus Ringblom

video 3:
audio 3: ES_New York Latin Big Band 3 – Magnus Ringblom

video 4:
audio 4: ES_On A Good Day (Instrumental Version) – Johan Glossner

video 5:
audio 5: ES_Rossini The Barber Of Seville – Traditional

video 6: sent by Gu Gin
audio 6: Cruzo – Epic Sax Guy (Cruzo Remix)

video 7:
audio 7: ES_Jumpin And Jivin 5 – Martin Landh

video 8:
audio 8: ES_Joyous Fridays 2 – Per-Anders Nilsson

video 9:
audio 9: ES_Houston We’ve Had A Problem 1 – Anders Bothen

video 10: sent by Sage
audio 10: Title: Nitro Fun – New Game
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video 11:
audio 11: Ansia Orchestra – Silent Recon


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