Gummy Monsters make giant snowman | Christmas funny contest | Cartoon clips for kids


Have fun with this special Christmas new episode where the Gummy Monsters enter a contest to make a giant snowman. Who’s snowman will be bigger? Numinul the scientist has a secret magic trick that will get everyone into a funny adventure in the snow. Don’t forget your gloves and Xmas Santa hat to play in the snow and we wish you Happy Holidays for you and your family! Visit Gummy Monsters YouTube Channel for more family friendly funny cartoons! ▼▼▼ MORE INFO ▼▼▼

Welcome to the Gummy Monster channel! In this new cartoon channel for kids you can enjoy the best episodes with the crazy and colorful gummy bears! Red, Yellow, Green,… There are bears with every rainbow color! There’s a new adventure every week, check it out!!

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