HAMSTER BATTLE!!!! Two Hamsters attempt to kill eachother



While at a pet store, I decided to take a look at the Hamsters.

Now, the pet store sells ONLY FEMALE hamsters, no males. Normally, Females are considered more docile, and less hostile. Yeah, Right. 😛

Anyway… The white one and the brown one duke it out, attempting to kill each other. Well, more like the White one wants to terrorize the brown one, and the brown one is all, “FORGET THIS” and then tries to suffocate the white one. Hahaha.

Then they do nothing…. so I focus on a grey-brown ham in the back who was digging around. There’s actually a fourth Ham floating around, but she’s buried under the wood shavings in the middle of the enclosure.

And tons of puppies in the background barking away. It was Puppy Training Day at the pet store. Two of them were fighting, too.

source: Youtube

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