Hamster Walks on Two Feet!!

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Pudding gets so excited at the prospect of food that she climbs onto the house and starts walking around on two feet. This was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a significant amount of cute things in my lifetime XD.

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This is where I’ll be posting all the updates on my tiny hamster Fluffie. I might also include some hamster care tips, how to tame hamsters and hamster cage reviews. My favourite hamster channels are ErinsAnimals / ErinsHamsters, Joy Georgina and ChocolateColours26 so if you’re thinking of getting a hamster then be sure to watch their videos to ensure you give your tiny hamster a good home!

Fluffie and Pudding live in the same room where I work and keeps me company when I edit my Youtube videos. Fluffie is a roborovski / robo / roborowski dwarf hamster with the “mottled” or “pied” marking. Pudding is a hybrid winter white / Campbells dwarf hamster with gingery fur.

source: Youtube

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