Meet Sahara | My Syrian Hamster Adoption Story

Depressed as i was about Lil’ Missy passing away, it opened up the chance to rescue and adopt this little cutie we call Sahara. Her story is a reminder to those watching that neglect comes from impulse buying pets without doing your research first, causing harm or death to those that don’t deserve it. Do your part, research before getting a new pet you know little to nothing about. Sahara here is a gladiator. She survived and is now in my care. We are humbled to have her.

* AS A GROWING CONCERN, there have been viewers impulse buying pets because of youtubers. PLEASE Do your research first, ask yourself if you can afford a pet and make sure you are willing to be committed to your pet when you get one. I frown upon people who abandon their pets because of impulse buying or not knowing what they were getting themselves into, becoming overwhelmed. If you are a child/teen or young adult and are going off to collage, ASK YOURSELF FIRST IF YOU CAN TAKE IT ALONG! Don’t leave your pet in your parents care. They will 3/4 of the time rehome your small animal, bird or reptile. Do not give them that burden of taking care of your animal for you. THAT WAS YOUR JOB! So don’t buy an animal if you’re not going to be around. Your animal should always deserve the best care when it’s in your care. So think before getting a pet. Thank you.

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