Omg My Old Brother Saw The Hidden Camera!!!!!!!!! Must Watch(Funny)^ω^


Lol He Totally Saw The Camera But My Mom Actually Knows It,Because Its Her Camera So Yea ≧ω≦
But He Didnt Break It.he Just Put It Down.
so..ill Be Really Scared If My Mom Saw That I Upload This Video..She Always Check Up My Videos…Cuz Im Really Suspicious To Her. •_•
So Yah.
Idk How I reach 19 Subscribers!
That Means So Much To Me..
But idc If i Have 19 Cuz I Still Thank My Internet Bestfriends!
i Dont Think They’re My Internet Bestfriends..
so They Are Friendly ^ω^
i Know Your really Lazy To Read This Descriptipn But If Your kNow Reading it..

Your Not Lazy XD

so I Gotta Tell You Something..




I mean..Go Subscribe To My Friends Channel
its #GwensWorld
So Yeah Sub To her now!
She has 18 Sub

source: Youtube

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