Popsicle Stick House ☆HAMSTER DIY☆


A tutorial on how to make a popsicle stick hamster house!
Vanilla in the house:
Furniture tutorial:

The house is built entirely from popsicle sticks and is complete with popsicle stick hamster-sized furniture with working popsicle stick hinges (tutorial on my channel).

It’s ideal for hamsters and mice, and should fit in a decent sized tank or bin cage without taking up any floor space. It’s 36cm wide, 29cm deep and 37cm high, so measure your cage first to see if it will fit. It provides levels and areas to explore, which makes it a toy and boredom breaker, as well as a nice hideaway. There’s also a self-closing door so that your hamster can get in and out with ease.

Even if you don’t have a small pet, it would make a cute dollhouse for LPS or something, or just be a fun project to make over summer.


How big is it? Will it fit in my cage?
It’s 36cm wide, 29cm deep and 37cm high. You’ll have to measure ? If you have a shorter cage, you could make the support beams a little shorter, but no more than 5cm, otherwise your hamster won’t be able to fit underneath. You could also make a flat roof.

How long did it take to make?
About 3 weeks, doing a bit each day?

What if my hamster chews it?
Check regularly for damage, sanding down any sharp, chewed edges, or just replace any damaged sticks individually.

What if my hamster pees in it?
If you’re worried about this, you can apply some brush-on plastikote (a non-toxic enamel safe for hamsters, but not the spray on kind) to the floors so that they can just be disinfected and wiped clean.
Since Vanilla is potty trained, I didn’t need to. Find out how to potty train your hamster here: ?

Where did you get the jars?
Search “mini glass jars” on eBay or etsy. They were just for the video, I don’t recommend you keep them in the cage, they would probably just chew up the cork. I opened the jar for him ?

What sticks should I use?
Use the natural, dye-free popsicle sticks. You can get these very cheaply online or in craft stores. The ones I use are the regular, 4.5 inch ones.

What tools should I use to cut the sticks?
The best tools for chopping would be anvil secateurs, wire cutters, or something similar. If your only option is scissors, the further in the blades you cut the stick, the more control you will have over it.
As for cutting the intricate shapes, you’ll need a craft knife or something similar. rather than cutting above like with paper, cut from the side of the stick as if the knife was a tiny saw cutting a tiny plank of wood ? Cut from each side of the shape alternately, removing the splint between them so that you can get deeper into the shape.

What glue should I use?
Any glue that is non-toxic and water soluble e.g. PVA, Elmer’s and school glue. Non-toxic means that it will not poison the hamster. Water soluble means that if the hamster were to accidentally swallow a little, it would just dissolve Since hot glue is not water soluble, it would not dissolve, and could cause blockages, which is why I don’t recommend it.

What paint can I use?
You could either dye the sticks with natural food dye, or paint them with a pet-safe paint like Soy Paint. You could mix white Soy Paint and natural food dyes to make your own colours.

What small pet can fit in this house?
The house is the right size for mice, dwarf hamsters, gerbils and Syrian hamsters. And maybe other baby small animals.

Can I make this house for my other small pet?
Yes, but you will need to scale it up, e.g. for rats, multiply all the stick counts by about 1.5. Before you glue anything, lay down all the walls and floors to make sure it’s the right size.

What type of hamster is Vanilla?
He’s a Syrian ?

What happened to your hamster’s tail?
Nothing. Hamsters all naturally have short tails – I was surprised how many people didn’t know. It didn’t get chopped off or anything ? You can Google pictures of hamsters for proof.

What’s wrong with your hamster’s butt?
Those are his nuts ? They’re not tumors or anything, it’s just how male hamsters look. They stand out especially because he has such light, short fur, but it’s totally normal. You can Google images of that too if you like ?

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