R.I.P Smokey | Remembering My Russian Dwarf Hamster


I know there will be questions so i have answered a few for you.

Who Died?
Smokey was my Russian dwarf hamster 1 of a pair i Owen,
i separated smokey and ash as they became to hate one another.

How Old Was Smokey?
Smokey was believed to be just 18 weeks old (around 4-5 months)

How Did Smokey Die?
As far as we can tell smokey escaped again and he hasn’t been seen since we have left treats and food in every room and nothing has been touched, we have looked for him also but with him being a dwarf hamster they can hide very well, we have just thought of the worst as we also own two cats also.

When Did He Escape?
I noticed two nights ago that he was gone. im not sure if he escaped the night before so we are saying around 3 days from the date on this video.

I will not be replying to comments on this video.

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