Rescuing my 2nd Foster Hamster | Ms. Frizzle | Daisy was Adopted!

Good news, Daisy my very first Foster Hammy was adopted! I explain the process of getting her adopted out and then sharing my
rescue mission for my 2nd Foster Hamster. Unfortunately the next foster hamster is also from a neglect case such as Daisy & i show you her cage setup that she was previously in. It will SHOCK you. Most hamsters you will see me foster will be from neglect situations because those are the hamsters i want to be saving. I hope to give these guys a better life through education and finding the right match for each hamster. Petstores unfortunately do not educate the public well enough and the US is behind in small animal welfare so people are unaware of providing the right care for them. So please always do your research before bringing home a pet. I hope you enjoy the rescue of Ms. Frizzle.

My Foster Home is about rescuing, rehabilitating and placing the animal in a well matched home. I learn about their personality, their needs and try my best to place them in a forever home once they’re ready to leave. Fostering is temporary and tho i may get attached, there will always be a helpless animal out there who needs a place to go, so there will never be a foster fail because i want to have as many foster children as possible, because that’s how many animals I’ve helped in my lifetime. Why not consider fostering yourself? Get involved and see for yourself what it means to be a Foster Home.

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