The Fast Forward Song (Hamster Alliance)


A short song made for my Jamestown playthrough:

Audio –
The Hamster Alliance – Fast Forward
MP3 Download:


we were stuck on this stage for a long time,
kept trying and dying all the ti-i-i-ime.

three hours of this one stage,
pausing for the ____ rage,
Gotta make the time go faster.

This is the…
fast forward song.
It’s only…
two minutes long.
As time goes by,
The gameplay – flies on by,

It keeps the..
pacing interesting,
and let’s me…
do my music thing,
If only we could stay alive.

That’s one minute down,
One more to go,
this is the longest that I’ve
sped things up, you know.

[What else is there to do]
[how else can I speed things up for you]

I dunno, man.
Don’t look at me.
We could keep this up.
I said, I DON’T KNOW…So…
How about we go back to the chorus?

The. Song. Ends. Here now.

Video –
PC game: AudioSurf
Mode: Eraser Elite

– Hamst3r
The Hamster Alliance


source: Youtube

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