The Most Interesting Hamster in the World! – Dos Equis Commercial Parody – The Talking Hamster

Hilarious Hamster Parody of Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercial starring Hammy – The Talking Hamster. He is The Most Interesting Hamster in the World… Stay nutty my friends!

Music: “Modern Jazz Samba” and “Ice Flow” by Kevin MacLeod (

The Adventures of Hammy the Talking Hamster

Hello Friends! It’s me Hammy the Talking Hamster, just your ordinary pet doing extraordinary things. I want to thank all of you for watching my funny hamster videos. What’s it like, you know, to watch a hamster dance, a hamster sing, and be an all around cute hamster? Have you ever seen a hamster on a piano? Ha! I’ve done all that.

I keep making my silly hamster cartoons for you. I love doing them. If you don’t already know, I’m a Syrian hamster, aka a teddy bear hamster, and I love showing you my hamster life. My favorite video is Gimme My Nuts, cause it’s sooo kawaii with a touch of nuts! I have so much fun uploading to youtube and I love reading your silly comments. When I’m not making videos, I love playing in my hamster cage, on my hamster wheel, hamster ball and my hamster tubes.

So come watch me with my weird animal friends. We love it when you watch our nutty magical videos. It’s funny stuff!

Watch my favorite nutty kawaii video here:

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And my first video ever here:

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