Try to Watch these Baldi’s Basics Comic Dubs without Laughing!

The new edited YouTube-Friendly Version. After the previous version was taken down from YouTube.
Check out the Incredible artists and Voice Actors:

Jared (Male Voices):
Amy (Female Voices):

Welcome to Lit Creations, we’re a comic dubbing team aiming to produce quality daily content for our awesome audience. The primary verticals we dub are undertale, cuphead, bendy and the ink machine, and baldi’s basics.

Our Most Popular Series’:

Snowfall Undertale Comic Dub:

Flowey is not a good Life Coach Undertale Comic Dub:

Swapout Undertale Comic Dub:

Lost Ones Cuphead Comic Dub:

Threatenin Zeppelin Cuphead Comic Dub:

3d Animation Playlist –

If you’re interested in reaching out to work together on something or would like to have a comic dubbed by the team, email [email protected]

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