Syrian Hamster Weight

How much should Syrian Hamster Weight?

I looked at the Hamster Weigh in Thread to try and find out what a good, average hamster weight was, and then the mathematical part of my brain realised there was a load of untapped data there that could be very useful! So, I entered 180 weights into X-cel and analysed the data. Here is what I found….

Using a sample of 180 Syrian hamster weights from the Hamster Weigh in Thread(excluding pregnant, ill, or very old/young hamsters), I have calculated that the average weight for a Syrian hamster is 162.3g.
However, there was a massive range of weights. The biggest hamster weighed 310g and the smallest weighed just 75g! This is a range of 235g
The median weight (middle weight) was 161g
In general, Females were heavier than males, most of the largest weights were from females.
The graph below illustrates the distribution of weights within the different bands

Syrian Hamster Weight

Hamsters in the lower bands are most likely young/old/petshop hamsters and hamsters in the higher bands are most likely hamsters from breeders, but we would need more information to be able to fully conclude that.

So, if you’re wondering if your hamster is a normal weight, this should be of some help. There doesn’t seem to be a ‘normal weight’, just what is right for your hamster. If you have a large breeder hamster then there is no point expecting it to be 150g or less, and if you have a young petshop hamster then there is no point expecting it to be 200g or more! If your hamster seems happy, healthy and active, then it is a normal weight. This goes for all hamster species

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