4 Top Tips on Using Skin Care For Acne Problems


Skin care for acne problems is a matter of common sense. Quite often you can combine your acne treatment and skin care routines together. This article outlines some basic acne skin care tips.

If acne is a problem that you live with on a daily basis then it's very important that you really know how to look after your skin so as not to inflame the condition. You need to treat the affected areas with a lot of care and with a view to reducing the acne problem, not to make it worse.

If you follow these simple guidelines then you will be well on the way to reducing your pimple problem.

* 1 – Be gentle on your skin when washing. Use only mild soaps that are gentle on the skin. Harsh soaps can damage your skin and may inflame the pimples and make the acne problem worse. Also make sure that any cleansers you use do not contain highly active components. These can be responsible for upsetting the skin especially when there is an acne problem. Also avoid the use of highly active toners as they can also cause the acne to become inflamed. If you are unsure about whether your cleanser or toner would be suitable for you seek professional advice from a dermatologist or your pharmacist. It's better to be safe than sorry.

* 2 – If you use skin care products avoid any that contain abrasives of any sort as these can do a lot of damage to acne skin. Some skin care products contain clay, ground almonds and many other abrasive ingredients, stay away from them. Look into the ingredients of your skin care products to ensure they do not contain any harsh chemicals. Do not be fooled by terminology like "all natural" or "contain only plant derived ingredients" as they may still be damaging to delicate skin. Again, if you have some doubts seek professional advice.

* 3 – Men, take care when shaving. Always soften the whiskers with a mild soap or shaving cream before shaving. But also be aware of what you are using as a soap and make sure it is gentle and safe for use on skin with acne. If you shave with a blade make sure it is sharp and clean.

It's easy to take shaving for granted as it almost becomes second nature but a lot of damage can be done if proper care is not taken.

* 4 – If you wish to use cosmetics on your skin it is best to get some advice from your dermatologist. Ensure your cosmetics are noncomedogenic, in other words, they do not clog the pores of the skin. There are many brands available that have been specially designed for use on acne skin. Look for brand names like Neutrogena, Clinique, Medicis, Aveeno and Stiefel to name a few. Sometimes, especially in severe cases of acne, not using cosmetics at all is the best method.

In summary, always err on the side of caution. If you have any doubts about skin care for acne seek the proper acne advice before doing anything.


Source by Kerry Northey

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