5 Helpful Tips In Selecting a Hamster



Would you like to buy a pet but can not decide on what animal you should get? Well, why do not you try purchasing a hamster? Hamster are popular pets nowdays because they are friendly, lively and fun to take care of. Make sure to buy a healthy and harmless hamster so you will not worry about how to take care of it.

There are certain guidelines that you should consider in selecting the best hamster before buying one. You can not just get a hamster without knowing how to choose the right one. Listed below are several tips that can help you in choosing the best hamster to get as a pet.

1.) Get a hamster from a reputable store.
– Make sure to get a hamster from a respected pet store and notice whenever the pet store is clean and well-maintained. See if all animals inside are healthy and none of them are ill. Like humans, animals can also easily be transmitted with viruses from other animals.

2.) Know what kind of hamster you want.
– Learn the different breeds of hamsters available inside the store and get to know their characteristics. There are 3 known types are: Syrian, Dwarf and Russian Dwarf. Syrian hamsters are standard solitary hamsters that like to be alone. They tend to be wild if joined with other hamsters. On the other hand, Dwarf breed are tiny and can join other hamsters as long as they grow up with them. So, choose the type of hamster you want based on how big is your cage or how many would you like to get.

3.) Check the health condition of the hamster.
– Healthy hamsters are lively and always move around. Look at their eyes and nose and see if they're not running. The eyes should be bright and expressive while their whiskers and nose should be twitching most of the time. Beside, their fur should be dry and well-groomed. Check thoroughly the hamster's body and see to it that the hamster is not ill so you do not have to spend money for the treatment and regret purchasing the hamster if it dies.

4.) Buy a hamster late in the afternoon.
– The best time of the day to purchase a hamster is late in the afternoon. You will notice right away if the pet is healthy or is sick. Apart from that, you should also determine if the employee of the pet store is not afraid to touch the hamster because if he is scared then that might mean that the hamster is a bites and is not fit to be taken as a pet.

5.) Prepare a cage for your hamster.
– Before buying a hamster, ready the hamster cage first and make sure to set it in a good location. Keep in mind Bear in mind that hamsters are nocturnal animals so they sleep during the day and are active in the evening. Make sure your pet does not disturb you and your family in the evening.

Follow the guidelines above and for sure you'll enjoy taking care of your healthy, vivid hamster.


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