5 Sexy Tips To Increase Sperm Count


There are a number of environmental and biological factors responsible for triggering the issue of low sperm count. And in order to increase the sperm count there are a number of medications and other alternative treatments that have been found to be quite effective in overcoming the issue of low sperm count. Getting to know the root cause of the condition will be more helpful in the effective treatment.

Following are some of the factors and treatments to help you increase your count:

1) It is important to maintain a moderate temperature for increasing low count. This is essential because the semen can not survive in high temperatures. So avoid wearing tight inner wears, hot water showers, sauna etc to improve sperm production.

2) Reduce your body weight in order to increase the testosterone level. Researchees have shown that heavy body weight effects the production of sperm. The condition may be even worse in those who are overweight and prefer to sit for longer duration of times are often the victim of this issue.

3) Both in men and women, the ability of conceiving a baby decrees with age. The sperm mobility and motility for men are gravely reduced. There are a number of methods that may be helpful in rejuvenating the reproductive system and increasing the density and mobility of sperm.

4) Yoga is also one effective way through which you can increase the issue of low count. This method helps in improving the blood circulation of the body as a whole. Beside, Yoga is also helpful in decreasing stress which is a major factor of low count.

5) Massaging with herbal oils also helps in improving blood circulation which extremely lead to the increase of sperm count.


Source by Manu Thomas

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