7 Stop Smoking Tips For Serious Quitters



We all know that smoking is a serious risk to your health. And because quitting is so hard, a lot of smokers have been searching for the best stop smoking tips, and the best stop smoking program for them to stop smoking once and for all … But still many of us still away , and feeling a little down after another failed attempt at getting rid of those cigarettes.

If you in any way find that this is a familiar scenery from your own experiences, I urge you to keep reading these 7 stop smoking tips which may be just what you will need to get the harder stages of eliminating your addiction.

    1. In the last days up to quitting, find an old jar with a tight lid on it and start filling it up with cigarette bud's, and when the going gets tough, take a sniff … That will kill a lot of your lust for a cigarette.
    2. Clean your house or apartment completely for anything related to smoking, even ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes … If you feel like you need to keep a way of making fire in the house, keep one lighter, in a distant drawer or somewhere out of sight.
    3. A lot of the hardness of breaking the habits, lies just in that word "habit", so try quitting just as you go on vacation, with non-smokers, or at least do things differently than you are used too.
    4. When you arrive at that cigarette after dinner that you have learned to love so much, get up and start cleaning up after the meal, do the dishes and get your mind of the cigarette.
    5. Whenever the urge is getting to you, start doing something to break up your thinking pattern, it is scientifically proven that we only need to break a thought for around 16 second to forget it … So sing or dance, or scream if possible … It helps.
    6. Start doing exercise, it will get those natural well-being drugs flowing in your body, and you will start to have an easier time appreciating how much better you feel when not smoking.
    7. Start talking to others that have quit smoking, or find a stop smoking forum online, there you will find plenty of help and sympathy.

Try using these 7 stop smoking tips along with your next stop smoking program, and you will find it a lot easier to quit.


Source by Janno GC Damgaard

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