Aids and Symptoms


I would like to make it clear that AIDS begins by a HIV infection. When people are infected with HIV, they do not have any symptoms for many years. (could take 10 years or more)

During that period, HIV develops to become AIDS, and infected people can transmit the virus to others. This is the most dangerous point about AIDS or HIV.

Because a HIV-infected person may seem well-looking, while he is actively transmitting a virus to other people.

If HIV is not treated or detected, it will rapidly develop and the infected immune system will weaken, at the latest stage it is called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

Symptoms of AIDS

As I said, symptoms will only occur if HIV is developed into AIDS and the symptoms of AIDS are a result of series of infections called opportunistic infections that do not normally develop in humans with healthy immune.

Why are they called opportunistic infections? Because they do not happen to people with healthy immune. But since AIDS destroys the immune system, they will occur in infected people.

What are common symptoms with AIDS infected people?
They are fevers, sweats, weakness, weight loss, and a series of "rare" infections and cancers.

I will probably discuss these infections later in detail. But I just wanted to make it clear to you about the difference between AIDS and HIV, and when exactly symptoms occur.

In a later stage, aids causes rare cancers, that normally will not affect a healthy immune. Occasionally, the patient dies after one of these opportunistic infections.


Source by Ahmed Fouad Mohamed

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