Alternatives For Prescription Hemorrhoids Ointment


Most people suffering from piles start with a hemorrhoids ointment that is available over the counter. These ointments would provide quick relief from the itching and inflammation for a brief period of time. You may feel the cooling and soothing touch of these ointments. However after some time the effect of chemicals in the product will fade away and your pain and itching would return.

When over the counter products do not deliver people shift to prescription hemorrhoids ointment. However the results with these products are similar to over the counter products.

So the big question is what are the best alternatives for these ineffective products? The answer to this question is a cure that is holistic in nature and clears the problem from the roots and not just the symptoms.

A simple and quick alternative to hemorrhoids ointment with little or no side effects would be an ointment made from witch hazel extract. Of course you will require other holistic remedies along with this.

Start to bring about a change in diet and bowel habits. Adding bulk and roughage to the food you eat will make the food absorb water. This will help in making the stools soft and easy passage of bowls without application of pressure whatever.

Removal constipation and reduction in pressure applied to the veins in the rectum / anus area will solve 75% of the problem.

If you have been having food at irregular times then it is time to follow a routine. This will allow the body to process food in a timely manner and avoid indigestion and other problems that can help in building up of toxins and wastes in the colon. A clean colon will go a long way in curing hemorrhoids naturally.

Start to have items that will boost the immune system and improve the strength of muscles and veins. Have aloe vera juice in the morning empty stomach. This will boost the immune system. Alternately consider acai berry juice / supplements. Have items that are rich in fatty acids in limited quantities. Nuts like almonds and cashews are considered to be rich in fatty acids.

Most of the things that we have discussed in this article can easily implement without spending large amounts of money. These remedies are not just an alternative to hemorrhoids ointment but rather a complete alternative cure that is more natural and holistic. If you can start to implement some of the steps it will definitely make a difference to your life for sure.


Source by Chris Veekay

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