Are Hamsters the Right Pet for Me?



Are hamsters the right pet for me?

This article will go through a few things that need to be considered before owning a hamster.

If you think that hamsters require a small space and they don’t require a lot of time and care, then you are wrong.

If you think that all hamsters need is a cage, some food and water, and a wheel, then you are wrong again.

Hamsters are great pets. Not only do kids love them, adults love them too because of their cute appearance. However, they do require a lot of care. The more care you give, the stronger bond it is between you and your little friend.

Hamsters have short live spans

They live up to 2 years (if you are lucky, 2.5-3 years) so you will have to prepare yourself for eventual heartbreak. Due to the short lifespan, it is difficult to re-home a hamster. Consider carefully whether you can commit to give your pets a good life before you take them home.

Do not buy a pet if you don’t have the commitment. It is all too easy to leave them in a cage in the corner of the room and forget about them.

Dwarf or Giant Breed?

Dwarf hamsters and golden hamsters need to be looked after in slightly different ways.

Golden hamsters or Syrian hamsters are better for children because they are easier to handle and they are more friendly. They also tend to be more responsive to people.

The other smaller breeds (Russian Campbell, Roborovski etc.) are more difficult to handle and sometimes they bite.

Depending on what you want from your hamster, you will have to consider which breed you prefer.

Hamsters need plenty of exercise

They may be small but wild hamsters travel long distances during night time to find food. It’s the same for your hamsters. Give them an exercise wheel and be aware that they will get addictive to the wheel. Remember to fill up their water bottle regularly to make sure that they do not run out of water.

Also get an exercise ball so you can let your hamster to run around inside the house. A hamster that sits in the cage all day is a very sad hamster.

Make sure you know what you are doing before getting a hamster. Get to understand more about these little fluffy friends and give them the care they need, and they will become your best pets and best friends in your life.


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