Are These Heartburn Symptoms?


The most common heartburn symptoms usually start behind your ribs and breastbone in a burning pain that goes up to your throat. The pain will usually come after you have eaten or drank something. You may experience the feeling of liquid going up your throat from your stomach.

You will usually have a sour or bitter taste in your mouth. You will also find that the pain will greatly increase when either either lie down or bend down. You can also experience a bloating feeling and burping.

If your heartburn is because of GERD then you could experience such symptoms as: dental erosion, sinus infections, ear infections, sore throat, bad breath, wheezing, laryngitis, throat tightening, hoarseness, asthma, chronic cough and sleep problems.

Heartburn symptoms can differ in each person and they can be different for each episode of heartburn you have. You may notice that you have a hard time swallowing, a very painful throat, your throat becomes hoarse or you feel like there is food stuck in your throat.

You may also think you have developed asthma from all the coughing your doing. You may even feel like your ears are going to explode from the pain.

You need to see your doctor if you have frequent heartburn or if it's getting worse. There are many kinds of medications out there that will give you relief from your symptoms.

Your doctor should help you find the right medicine for you and also come up with a plan to help you find out why you are getting the heartburn to begin with. Then you can make the appropriate changes so that you can be heartburn free without the need of medications.

The best way to treat heartburn symptoms is with prevention. If you get heartburn a lot then you need to really look at what you are eating. Keep a journal for a week and write down everything you eat and at what time you ate it.

Then, write down the time you first feel the heartburn and then keep track of how long it lasts and how bad the episode was. This will help you and your doctor in finding out the try cause of your heartburn.


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