Are You Leading a Qualitative and Healthy Life?



We have always said 'Health is wealth', but how many of us really understand how much of a wealth is health? How many of us realize the importance or health? As a school going or as a youth, this sentence is a mere quote that adds value to ones composition! But ask a middle aged and above, they will use the same quote as a word of experience! Life teachers us everything with time, and you can not expect a 10 year old to understand why health is really wealth!

Healthy living is not about living on health nutritious food, it is a holistic approach for a quality life. Quality is the reason to bring about quantity and comfort and self confidence too.

Imagine yourself suffering from diabetes or asthma? Would you be living and enjoying the life you would otherwise? What about the number of medical emergencies, care and restrictions one has to imposes on oneself? Once you are sick, not only are you in a physical mess, but also slowly in a financial mess if your medical expenditure demands more. Thus having a good health is an undented blessing that one needs to earn. Why I said earn is because all of us were born healthy. Those born normal and healthy, live unhealthy lifestyle to become sick. So health depends on your life style!

As a school going, activities are many children indulge in lots of physical running and games and activities. Once we grow up, the physical activities become less, thanks to modern equipments and lifestyle; there is little need to do any physical labor. Every basic chore than once man had to do himself, like, sweeping, moping, or washing clothes, dish washing or even gardening is an a part of his chore. Machine does it all!

Walking is an activity that was once never mentioned, today we barely walk, excepting on the treadmill as a forced exercise! The rest of the time there are 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers to replace our legs! With television becoming a 24×7 entertainment in every home, even children watch more programs that actual physical games. So there is a making of couch potatoes in the being further.

Can we expect a good health in the given scenario? A good life is a discipline that has to be imposed up on oneself. Determination, motivation and the desire to be as fit as when in youth is the driving force for a good heath.

It is never too late and nobody is too old to take the first step towards starting a healthy living. Enjoying a nutritious diet with more physical activities, and regular walking for minimum 4 kilometers is one of the best ways to begin.

A healthy life style brings about radiance to your personality. Self confidence, mental strength, and a vibrant aura is just a concomitant to a quality living style!


Source by Sooraj Surendran

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